Advertising Work:  Ad created for Tiktok. 
We seek to tap into the energy of the app while bringing in our humor and style.
Educational Content: How to Apply to Subletinn.
The process of applying to live in a co-living facility can be intimidating. Our goal was to simplify the process and show our system. We don't look for tenants, we seek to build an ecosystem that benefits every member of our community.
Brand Work: What is a Chicago Handshake?
As a native Chicago brand, Subletinn believes in connecting with the community around it. There's no way to overlook the huge drinking culture of the Bucktown area. In the spirit of journalism, we stepped out of the office to spend an afternoon getting to know the meaning behind a Chicago handshake.
Real Estate Tour: Greenview Tour.
We wanted to showcase the houses in a more dynamic way than just pictures or a cold walk-through. So much of the Co-living experience is in the personality and energy of the people who live there. Making sure that personality exists in our content is crucial.
Vlog Work: This is a personal video, just for fun!
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